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Textransfer Communications in Bielefeld and Berlin has provided high-profile services to American and German clients in four interrelated fields of operation:

Textransfer Communications is a German agency, founded and owner-operated by the German- and American-trained marketing consultant and journalist Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger. His more than 30 years of practical experience combines with state-of-the-art knowledge in media research.

To tourism clients, Textransfer Communications has provided public relations and editorial services as integrated elements in its unique Media-Powered Tourism Marketing — a concept of full-service economic development work via tourism marketing with a special emphasis on utilizing communications.

Since most of Textransfer Communications' international clients are in the field of economic development through tourism, the English-language pages of this site emphasize tourism marketing services. At the same time, we also have a strong history of relating other American industries to Germany, particularly by offering public relations services to US-based companies. One of our key competences has been to bridge cultural and language gaps between the US and Germany, and thus making American products understood in Europe.  

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