Tanah Homann

PR and Marketing Assistant


Tanah Homann, born in Bielefeld, Germany, in 1990, is a full-time university student, working part-time with Textransfer in consumer fulfillment, analysing of tour operator catalogues and staffing consumer shows.

She completed a bilingual (German/English) community college and has been a student of psychology at Bielefeld University since 2012. In 2010, she completed a 3-week high school internship at Textransfer and returned for a summer job in 2012. Since the beginning of her university studies in October of 2012, she has been part-time staff.

Tanah traveled the world extensively with her parents, the travel book writers Klaudia and Eberhard Homann, when they fulfilled reporting chores, including several Asian countries, Florida, Mexico and most of Europe. Completed a 4-week hotel internship in Dubai in 2011. That experience was part of completing the “CertiLingua” program, which is a certified excellence label for intercultural competence. Her language skills besides German and English include French, Italian and Spanish.