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For American clients, our expertise is in growing their European business in the tourism industry and beyond.

Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger founded Textransfer Communications to provide high-profile public media relations and business consulting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. While many of our international clients are in the United States tourism industry, we also have a solid track record serving other American industries, and domestic clients as well.

With offices in Berlin and Bielefeld, the agency has delivered measurable results since 1990.

Being an internationally experienced consultant, journalist and university lecturer, Dr. Streitbörger is uniquely qualified to provide quality services.

Textransfer Communications has deliberately remained a small, thus very agile agency, with dedicated staff and limited overhead.

For European clients, we focus on public relations in particularly complex and sensitive fields of business requiring upscale qualifications and decades of experience, including crisis communications.

Let us know how we can help advance your business in Europe. 


  • Strategic communications
  • Tourism marketing
  • Media consulting
  • Quality writing in German
  • Photography & Video
  • Social Media
  • Brochures in German
  • Crisis Communications


Tourism Representation for Alabama Since 1998 – 25 years

We have built the well-producing Alabama Tourism Promotion Partnership Germany, Austria Switzerland since 2016. This private-public coop of local DMO’s and the Alabama Tourism Department has brought Alabama back to the stage. Account Manager Janin Nachtweh has increased tours sold from almost zero to now 69 in the catalogues, approaching full saturation. A strong presence in tourism media has been established. We run a German website, and the strong German Facebook channel Entdecke Alabama. After launching an Alabama state tourism office in 1998-2000 we had engaged in projects since 2015.

Media & Consumer Management for Mississippi Since 2006

Originally through the coop Memphis & Mississippi in 2016 we have been the media and consumer contractors for Visit Mississippi since September 2022. For the state tourism organization, we have built a very strong media presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and have engaged in many consumer outreach activities, including shows and unique formats, such as distributing collaterals through blues musicians at concerts. We run a German Website, and on it an elaborate European photo database for the European media and our operators in German, French and English.

Two phases in Media & Consumer Management Tennessee

Our longest-running U.S. tourism engagement! In 1996, we launched the German office for the Tennessee Department of Tourism, and proudly contributing to the largest international growth of any U.S. state prior to Covid. In 2022, after Covid turmoils, the contract ended. Since then, we have pooled our resources in a private entity Tennessee Experts Europe, making our deep knowledge of the state, contacts, copy and photography available to the tourism industry, and beyond. We remain to be the German representatives for Memphis Travel, as launched in 2016, originally as part of Memphis & Mississippi.

Trade, Manufacturing & Services – And Crisis Communications

Whilst for international clients we focus on tourism, we have been successful in other fields as well. For one example, we ran communications for the German branch of the PAXAR Corporation from Pennsylvania in labeling tech, before AVERY took over. We navigated Paderborn/Lippstadt airport through a Chapter 11 equivalent in 2021-2022. This crisis communication was about transforming the narrative from “bankrupt” to “restructuring”, preventing passengers and public officials from withdrawing. Germany’s once weakest airport now is very profitable again. In crisis communications we also work back stage. 


Wolfgang Streitbörger

Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger

Dipl.-Journ. Univ.
Founder & Managing Owner

Wolfgang Streitbörger
Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger works in communications & marketing from Berlin and Bielefeld. Textransfer’s founder holds a PhD in journalism and teaches at German and U.S. universities.
Janin Nachtweh

Janin Nachtweh

Marketing Communications &
Account Manager Alabama

Janin Nachtweh
Janin Nachtweh completed her vocational training in the hotel industry. She works in marketing communications from Berlin and Vienna and is the Account Manager for Alabama Tourism.
Sophie Streitbörger

Sophie Streitbörger

Senior Public Relations Manager

Sophie Streitbörger
Sophie Streitbörger holds a graduate degree in marketing & communication, works from Bielefeld and Berlin as our Senior PR-Manager and runs Textransfer’s office operations.
Raphael Tenschert

Raphael Tenschert

Public Relations, Marketing, Visual Communications

Raphael Tenschert
Raphael Tenschert is a trained photographer and since 2007 at Textransfer has created and run image databases for clients of highest value in our PR work. The man for anything visual!


Textransfer Communications
Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger




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